A Paddler's Guide to the Delaware River
Kayak  -  Canoe  -  Raft  -  Tube

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Overview -- The Pleasantest River in the World
     Canoeing on the Delaware River
     The Delaware River Watershed    
     Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts and Tubes  
     River Safety
     River Access
     River Stages and Floods
     Running the Rapids
     Timber Rafting
     Rifts, Eddies, and Kills – Place Names on the Delaware
     Controversies, Confrontations, and Compromises
     Wild and Scenic River
      How Clean is the Delaware?
      Delaware River Sojourn                     
      Delaware River Water Trail   
      Fishing the Delaware River

The River  Guide

     The East and West Branches of the Delaware
     Hancock to Long Eddy
           Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River
           Fracking for Gas
     Long Eddy to Narrowsburg
           Lenni Lenape – the True People
           Eels and Eel Weirs
     Narrowsburg to Barryville
           Roebling’s Amazing Bridge
           Zane Grey and the Wild West
           The Battle of Minisink
      Barryville to Port Jervis         
           Delaware & Hudson Canal
           The Erie Railroad                   
           Port Jervis                  
      Port Jervis to Dingmans Ferry
           Tom Quick, the Avenger of the Delaware
           Gifford Pinchot, the Father of Conservation
           Milford, PA                                                     
       Dingmans Ferry to Smithfield Beach
            The Old Mine Road
            The Grandfathers
            Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
      Smithfield Beach to Martins Creek
            Delaware Water Gap
            The Appalachian Trail  
      Martins Creek to Upper Black Eddy
            The Walking Treaty
            The Delaware Canal   
          Easton and Phillipsburg
      Upper Black Eddy to Lambertville
            The Durham Boat
            Delaware & Raritan Canal
            Lambertville and New Hope
      Lambertville to Trenton
           Washington’s Crossing
           Bowmans Hill
      The Delaware Estuary

Appendix A – International Scale of River Difficulty

Appendix B – River Stage at Barryville: Recreational Boating Guidelines

Appendix C – River Trip Checklist

Appendix D – Important Contacts

Appendix E – Activities and Interests

Appendix F – Outfitters and Campgrounds